The Reward System Of The Kingdom by Apostle Joshua Selman – (Koinonia Abuja 2023)


What does it mean to reward?

To reward means to give something to someone, in recognition of service, effort, contribution, or achievement.

As Believers, we seek God and pursue the things of The Kingdom primarily because of our love for God.

However, it is important to note that there is a possibility of The Believer getting rewarded for certain feats. God’s reward principle is both a human principle and a divine principle.

According to Scripture, there are three main things God rewards:

1. Diligent pursuit.

Any and every kind of diligent pursuit is rewarded by God.

2. Faithfulness.

3. Well-doing is a seed and there is a harvest attached to it. Just as God rewards faithfulness, men also reward faithfulness.#3. The works of men, particularly the purity and the motive behind the things they do as well as the degree of compliance to patterns.

God designed the reward system of the Kingdom to function based on the discovery, development, refining, and deployment of your gift.

Your value (skill, potential, and ability) determines who seeks you and the extent of your reward.

The proof that you have not developed your value is that people are unaffected by your absence.

A mediocre’s excuse is to transfer blame to the realm of the spirit.

As long as you continue to justify mediocrity, you’ll grow in anger, jealousy, envy, and bitterness toward those who are rising and paying the price of growth in secret.

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